Greetings! I’m Brice and I’m a stay-at-home-dad. I consider this little venture my third child. It all started because I wanted to make cool, cost-efficient shirts for our kids that celebrate the places and things we love about our home. 

I spent more than a year trying to find a Hop shirt to buy for our son before I decided to learn how to make him one myself. When I showed it to him and whispered in awe, “It’s a beauty,” I was hooked.

Every time he wore it people asked where we bought his Hop shirt, so I started making shirts for others. My son allows me to share this shirt and others so long as I guarantee he always gets the first one.

It made me very happy to see the shirts I designed out in the world. The shirts made others happy too, and when people started buying them, I was given the opportunity to give back to our community. To do goodness for goodness’ sake.

When you buy one of my shirts, you are not only wearing your hometown pride. You ar giving back to the city you love. I donate 50% of profits to help sustain the things that make living here so great. 

Also, when you buy one of my shirts, you can rest assured that I am selling it to you for as little as possible to keep this venture going. And as a matter of principle I will never sell onesies or kids’ t-shirts for more than $10, nor charge extra for plus-size shirts.

I’m so, so pleased that you’ve found your way here. It’s such a gift to find likeminded others who share your good taste in clothing—and compassion. Thank you for loving and caring for our great city. I wish you wondrous joy. And lots of cheese.